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Wow! Miracle Cat Survives an Incredible 32 Days Under Earthquake Rubble

Rocco the cat has become the latest “miracle cat” to be reunited with its owners in the earthquake-ravaged town of Amatrice, Italy. He was buried under the rubble for an astonishing 32 days and somehow survived! Fire officials shared the news on Twitter, announcing, “Padroni felici” — or “Happy owners.”


Rocco is not the only ‘miracle pet’ in the central Italian town. Another cat, Pietro, was saved after 16 days, having survived on rainwater alone. A third lucky kitty, named Gioia, survived six days in the ruins of her home before being rescued, and a golden retriever called Romeo was pulled from the rubble of Italy’s earthquake more than nine days after he was given up for dead.

The quake, which had a magnitude of 6.0 to 6.2, hit central Italy in the early hours of August 24th, killing nearly 300 people. These touching animal rescue stories must surely be bringing a small bit of joy and hope to these devastated families.

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