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You Had One Job! Cat Befriends Giant Rat Instead of Chasing It Off

It’s not uncommon for cats to be tasked with controlling garden pests—they’re usually great at the job! One playful kitten in particular, however won’t be up for a promotion any time soon! The cat in this story has gone viral for befriending an enormous rat that it was originally supposed to hunt. Their unlikely friendship is as adorable as it is funny!

cat befriends rat

On Monday, Reddit user vladgrinch shared the hilarious video with the caption, “when you get a cat hoping it will help you get rid of the big rat in your yard.”

For a moment it looks like the cat—who isn’t much bigger than the rat—might begin the chase. But the video quickly turns adorable when the pair start playfully hugging and grooming each other.

Although cats have a reputation for keeping pests at bay and are credited with causing the extinction of at least 63 birds, mammals, and reptiles around the globe, they’re surprisingly inept at catching and eradicating what they’re most commonly tasked with—rats.

So, if rats are a concern, you’re better off keeping kitty safely indoors and using humane traps or repellents instead.

This isn’t the first time a cats have made unlikely friends! Check out this cat and owl who became besties and this stray kitty that broke into a zoo to bond with a lynx!

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