11 Times Cats Walked All Over Your Stuff And Just Didn’t Care

Cats wouldn’t be cats if they didn’t act like they owned everything – including our stuff. So, to prove they own our stuff, too, they sometimes have to show us by walking all over it – without a care in the world. Fresh concrete? It’s better with purrmanent pawprints. Your lunch? Tastier with the fresh imprint of tabby toes! Here are 11 times cats walked all over your stuff and just didn’t care!

Never turn your back on wet concrete:

Your pumpkin pie needed a little something extra:

Walking across whatever you’re reading since the 15th century:

Never turn your back on fresh dough:

Cats have been walking across our stuff for 2,000 years: (click here to learn the story behind this ancient tile!)

Your sandwiches will taste better with a paw print:

How about a little paw-print pie?

This famous painting by Roger Dean has paw prints in the clouds:

How did a cat manage to even put a print into a brick??

That beautiful wood floor varnish? Better with a paw print!

Where’s the strangest place your cat ever left a mark? Let us know! (Bonus points if you share a photo!)


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