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3 Sunroom Ideas Your Cat Is Sure to Love

It’s no secret that your cat loves basking in the sunlight. They’ll manage to spot even the tiniest sliver of sun in any room, which is both adorable and irresistible to us humans. 

There’s actually a scientific reason why cats flock to sunny spots. Cats may not get enough calories from their food to fuel all of their energy needs, so the sun provides a warm and easy way to regulate their body temperatures. Sunlight also helps to make up for the slight dip in body temperature cats experience when they sleep. 

And it’s not just a matter of preference for our furry friends, vets actually recommend pets get 20-40 minutes of direct sunlight each day. One way that we can do that for our indoor cats is by building a sunroom. 

Not only is sunlight shown to greatly benefit humans, but your cats will end up thanking you, too. Sunlight helps your cat to relax, but it’s not so much the rays that do this for your cat, it’s the warmth. That’s why your cat may choose to bask in the sunlight more on a hot summer day than a cold winter one.  

Our friends at Angi Consumer created five moodboards to help you design a sunroom that fits your style. Whether you choose to create a plant-filled sunroom that doubles as a green oasis for your cat, or a colorful sunroom that’ll brighten up your day even when there are cloudy skies, there’s a moodboard for you. 

Jungle Oasis

jungle oasis sunroom

Bring the outside in for your indoor cat by filing your sunroom with cat-friendly plants. Be sure to do a quick Google search before bringing a new plant into your home as some can be toxic to your cat. A few plants to avoid include: 

  • Bird of Paradise
  • Eucalyptus
  • Ficus
  • Iris
  • Lilies (all Lilium species, such as Easter Lilies)
  • Philodendron
  • Pothos

However, a few plants that are purr-fectly cat-friendly include:

• Ponytail Palm
• Spider Plant
• Rattlesnake Plant
• Calathea Orbifolia
• African Violet
• Boston Fern
• Watermelon Peperomia
• Bromeliads
• Orchids

Colorful Escape

colorful sunroom

Make your sunroom a happy place to relax by adding a little color. Blue and violet, as well as pastel hues, are especially calming for your feline. Try adding these colors into your sunroom with rugs, curtains, and furniture. 

Meditative Retreat

meditative sunroom

Looking for a space to unwind after a busy day? Turn your sunroom into a meditation room by adding cozy elements like soft blankets and going easy on the furniture for a more minimalist look. Be sure to add a comfy spot for your cat, too! 

For more sunroom ideas, head to Angi Consumer’s site. Hours of sunny relaxation await you and your furry companion. 

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