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5 Practical Reasons to Put Clothes on Your Cat

If you have a cat, you know that on certain occasions, there are practical reasons why your cat may need to wear clothing. Here are some of our top reasons you may need to put clothes on your cat.

Skin Conditions

Even a healthy cat can develop a skin condition due to excessive grooming, injury, or even a flea-related infestation in the home. These may require that your cat not have access to a specific area on their body. Typically, this is done with an e-collar but, if you’ve ever had to put one of these collars on your cat, then you know most cats despise them!

If your cat is suffering from some kind of skin condition and you need to keep him from licking or scratching it, considering having your kitty wear clothing that will cover the area without irritating the skin (or your cat).


Putting specialized clothing on stressed-out dogs is commonplace, but did you know it works for cats, too? Occasionally, putting a calming coat on your stressed-out cat is the best thing you can do to help with behavioral and stress-related conditions. Calming coats are uniquely designed using acupressure to reduce stress and help keep cats calm in certain situations.

Check out the Thundershirt for ideas on how these can help relax your stressed-out cat.


Suitical is a line of products designed to keep pets from licking after surgery. These products cover specific parts of your cat’s body to stop with licking or scratching. For example, if your pet is spayed and you want to keep her from removing stitches, Suitical may be exactly what your cat needs.

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If you have elderly cats, immunocompromised cats, or even some of the hairless breeds, you understand the importance of keeping them warm. These cats often need to wear sweaters to help retain body heat.

Choose a sweater that will keep your cat at a comfortable temperature and is not restricting, but not so loose that your cat will become tangled and panicked. And, never leave your cat unattended while wearing clothes.


Occasionally, your senior cat may need some extra help gaining traction on slippery floors. That’s where socks with traction can help.

When dressing your cat for a medical condition, consider the type of materials and the comfort levels of your cat. You never want your cat to wear loose clothing that can become tangled and cause a panic, and you don’t want your cat to be too constricted in any type of outfit. Measure carefully for a perfect fit and make sure you help your cat gradually acclimate to the new clothes.

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