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5 Reasons The Himalayan Topped This Best Breed List: Kid-Friendly Cats

himalayans and kids

There are obvious things about these cats that make it real easy to understand how they can be a top choice among new cat owners. 

The Himalayan is striking in beauty. White fur, blue eyes and a full face leave most gasping and cooing at first glance. So sure, this goddess will make a great model for Instagram photos and super adorable short videos for Snapchat too!

But how did this cat breed make the Pet Health Zone child friendly list? That seems uncharacteristic of such a femme fatale! This post is all about 5 reasons the Himalayan topped this best breed list: kid-friendly cats.

Yes they are gorgeous!

Yes her dreamy blue eyes make you sigh.

That fluffy fur coat is a magnet for petting for sure!

But…… what is it that makes this cat breed, not just family friendly, also kid-friendly?

What Makes The Himalayan Cat A Kid-Friendly Feline?

  1. Amiable
  2. Affectionate
  3. Friendly
  4. Flexible 
  5. Loving (towards the family)

This cat has good looks and personality too! A diva, but not a snob! 

Let’s drill down to the characteristics that could be ideal for your household, complete with children.


himalayan on his back

The Himalayan cat is known for being a sweetheart. 

This feline’s personality matches her conventional girly-looks.  Being easy to get along with will make the kid introduction a smoother transition. Having a pet you can’t wait to show off to your friends is also a bonus. 


Cats have a reputation for being aloof and standoffish. Most of us cat owners know this is not always so. And in the case of the Himalayan, it the aloof stereotype does not apply. A Himalayan might even run to the door when your child gets home from school to greet him with a strong nosetap. A friendly buddy is always a welcome site after a long day. 

This kitty cat breed will typically be pretty out-going so the chances of her hiding under your bed at first are minimal. The playfulness and noise that kids make will not bother a typical Himalayan. This minimizes the chance of a stressed out feline!

cute himalayan


Kids grow up, and they grow up fast. A child’s schedule can change several times in one year. Through the years, children will change tremendously. They will go from wanting to play with their cat as if it is another child, to desiring an audience while they play video games. Eventually a kid might just want a cuddle bug to binge TV and be a couch potato with. All of this is okay with the Himalayan. Schedule changes will not be upsetting to this breed as it can be to other normal house cats. Flexibility is a rare yet admirable trait in a feline!


The Himalayan, when treated with care and affection, will return the love two-fold. If your kid does not mind a beautiful fluffy bundle of love curling up in her lap from time to time, this kitty will accommodate! Having a loving pet can be a wonderful support for any child, any age. People are not always easy to get along with (including children) and having a source that provides unconditional love can be ideal. The Himalayan can fit this need.

Concluding Thoughts

It goes without saying, not every cat will fit the profile of his breed. Each Himalayan feline will have it’s own unique personality. This post should be used as a starting point to investigate and research if you are looking for a child friendly cat. Use it as a tool as you get to know your new kitten or cat companion.

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