5 Surprising Superstitions About Cats

Cats have long been associated with bad luck, Halloween, and all things creepy – but do you know where legends and superstitions are born? Here are some strange superstitions that have been associated with cats over the years.

Superstition: Cats can predict the weather.

Did you know that if a cat sits with his back to the fire, it means that frost is on the way? That’s what some folks believe.

But, more importantly, some believe that cats can control the weather. Some Indonesians believe that if a cat gets wet, he will make it rain. Apparently, someone tested this theory by pouring a bucket of water over a cat and it rained right afterward, presumably because the cat was seeking revenge. This chance cause and effect has led to a few wet cats over the years! So, next time you give your cat a bath, be sure to take a look outside and see if it starts raining!

Superstition: Cats can predict who will visit you.

Cats are a little psychic if you believe the legends. In Japan, it’s believed that if a cat washes his face with his paws, it means visitors are coming. If they begin cleaning their whiskers, some people in North America think it means a member of the clergy is on the way to visit you!

We just think that a cat cleaning its face is adorable.

Superstition: Cats can predict your pregnancy.

A cat sleeping in a baby cradle means that a baby is on the way. In fact, the Amish believe that if you put a cat into an empty cradle, it would help you to conceive (although we believe the cat may disagree).

But, if that cat jumps out of the cradle, you are likely to be waiting a really long time for a new addition to your family – so be careful testing this superstition.

Superstition: Cats will make you ill if you injure them.

We’re hoping this one is true. During the middle ages, it was thought that if you accidentally kick a cat, you’ll get rheumatism. But, if you intentionally kick a cat, you forfeit your soul to the devil!

The Irish believe that to kill a cat brings seventeen years of bad luck (we think it should be a lifetime of bad luck).

The Welsh believe that if a woman accidentally steps on a cat’s tail, she will not be married that year. And, other Englishmen believe that if you chase a cat, you’ll be cursed with bad luck forever. That seems fair enough to us.

But not all superstitions about cats are bad…

Superstition: Cats will foretell great changes in fame, fortune, and love.

In Japan, cats are considered very lucky. They believe that black cats can heal sick children and even guard against evil entering your home. Light-colored cats are thought to bring silver into your home, which is very lucky indeed, and dark-colored cats are thought to bring gold into your home.

One colorful Japanese cat is luckier than all others, and this cat is called Maneki Neko. Millions of people have a sculpture of this cat in their homes and businesses. He’s thought to bring flailing businesses back to profit and make families successful.

The moral of these superstitions is that we should all be kind to cats – it may just be your life that you’re holding in your hands! What other superstitions about cats have you heard? Tell us in a comment below!

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