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5 Types of Collars for Cats (and the Benefits of Each)

When you first adopt a kitten or adult cat into your life, you may find yourself overwhelmed (and perhaps a bit confused) when you begin perusing the thousands of collars and ID tags that are available. We’re here to guide you through selecting the perfect collar for your cat. Here is a look at five different types of collars and their purposes.

collars for cats

Not surprisingly, the ASPCA reports that only about 33 percent of pet owners keep their pets properly tagged all the time, which perhaps accounts for why the Humane Society reports that only 2-5% of shelter cats are reclaimed by their owners. It’s time to change those heartbreaking statistics by making sure our cats have proper identification – either with a microchip, a collar and ID tag, or (ideally) both.

Breakaway Collars

cat collar with bell

You may see collars listed for cats with the term, “breakaway” in their description. A breakaway collar features a special buckle that automatically releases when it’s pulled. Since these buckles don’t click into a locked position, they allow your cat to slip free if their collar gets snagged on window blinds, furniture, or fencing. A regular collar, in these situations, could accidentally strangle your cat.

Standard and Decorative Collars

cat wearing rhinestone collar

Every cat deserves a collar as unique as his or her individual personality. Fortunately, there is a different style of collar for nearly every cat. To choose one that fits your cat’s personality, browse through standard cat collars and rhinestone/diamante collars. Each is unique, decorative, and perfect for special occasions or everyday use.

Reflective Collars

Safety is a key consideration for cat owners, particularly since most cats are skilled escape artists. It’s also the top priority with reflective cat collars. If you’ve ever tried to find a cat after dark, you know how they can seemingly make themselves invisible. A reflective collar helps you find them quickly and easily. They also make your cat more visible and decrease his chance of being hit by a car.

Lighted and Safety Collars

safety collars for cats

Reflective collars are great for shorter-haired cats, but for long-haired cats, you may need something just a bit brighter. This is where LED and lighted safety collars come into play. These battery-powered collars can be worn for up to 30 days without recharging. If your cat is allowed outside, these lighted safety collars are a great option.

Bells (and Whistles)

breakaway cat collars

Most cat lovers love all animals, so they keep their cats indoors. However, if you take your cat into your yard, you’ll want to further protect bunnies, birds, and squirrels that your cat happens across. That’s where bells are useful. By placing a bell on your cat’s collar, it can help save these other creatures. As a bonus, it makes your cat easier to find when they don’t want to go to that vet appointment!

Personalized Collars

Some cats refuse to wear ID tags – either the noise distracts them or they grow irritated with the movement. For these cats, personalized collars are the way to go. These collars have your contact information embroidered directly on the collar itself, so you never have to worry about a jingling noise waking you up as your cat decides to embark on an imaginary hunt at two o’clock in the morning!

Whatever type of collar you select, be sure your cat is comfortable and safe. You should always select a collar that best fits your cat temperament and personality.

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