5 Ways to Keep Your Cat from Clawing the Furniture

You love your cat, but you also really enjoy the nice new furniture that you spent a fortune on! Keeping cats from clawing at your leather lounge chair or nice microsuede sofa can create a problem in any home. Fortunately, we have solutions to keep your cats from destroying furniture that don’t include declawing your cat.

Provide Your Cat With Scratching Posts

scratching post

If you have a cat, you should also have a well-designed cat scratcher. There are thousands of scratchers on the market, so be sure to explore your options on surfaces. Some cats prefer seagrass over sisal, or carpet over seagrass.

Keep in mind when buying your scratching post or climbing area that if you teach a cat to scratch a post covered in carpet, remember that you’re teaching your cat it’s okay to scratch all carpet. If you live in a house filled with tile or wood floors, this may not be a problem, but you may want to invest in a good sisal scratcher to help them avoid destroying your regular flooring! We use and highly recommend the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

Use Cat Attractants to Redirect Scratching Behavior

redirect cats to scratch in appropriate places

You may already have a scratching post, but your cat doesn’t know how to use it (or doesn’t want to use it). There are ways to help your cat learn to use it properly. Catnip stickers are great ways to do this. These stickers can be placed anywhere you want to attract your cat. Or, try easy-to-use catnip spray and spritz it on your cat’s scratcher to pique his interest.

Do you have one of those cats who have no response to catnip? No problem. There are plenty of other ways to increase interest in an item, like pheromones, such as Feliway spray. Just spray it on the scratching post and wait. Your cat will likely show up to investigate and nature will take over.

Use Cat Claw Caps

claw caps can help prevent destructive scratching

It may seem odd to attach cat claw caps to your feline’s nails, but these are actually a great (and humane) way to keep your cat’s claws at bay. The cat can still use their claws as usual, but the dulled surface keeps them from doing any real injury to you or your sofa. Attach them yourself in the comfort of your home or work with a local groomer who can do it for you once every month.

Nail Trimming Can Reduce Destructive Scratching

clip your cat's nails regularly to keep them from damaging furniture and flooring

Nail trims are another easy way to help keep cats from causing any problems. This is just one more reason why it’s important to get kittens accustomed to handling their paws when they’re young. It makes your job as a caretaker much easier as they grow older.

Be sure to use a sharp nail trimmer and watch that quick or you can cause serious injury. You can also use a dremel if your cat doesn’t mind loud noises. If you’ve never trimmed your cat’s nails before, check out this guide that will explain just how to do it, or ask your veterinarian or a groomer to show you how.

Use Furniture Covers

covering furniture can prevent your cat from damaging it with their claws

Furniture covers are now specially designed to help keep your furniture safe from claws. These covers are stylish, and comfortable and will help protect your sofas, loveseats, and sofas. Quilted microfiber means they are machine-washable and simple to put on or take off. You can find covers that are designed to fit nearly any type of furniture.

Whatever method you choose, remember that your cat is a part of the family. Cats often don’t understand that what they are doing is “frowned upon” so it’s up to you to teach them – gently, easily, and humanely.

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