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6 Tips for Picking the Perfect Cat Bed

Choosing a cat bed for your favorite feline can be challenging given the incredible numbers of beds available. Over the years, cat beds have grown to include shapes and sizes for every cat’s individual personalities (and that’s a LOT of personalities). Fortunately, we have a few tips to help you narrow down the search. 

1. Identify your Cat’s Sleeping Style

Cats have different ways they prefer to sleep. Some like curling up in a tight ball on the floor, others like stretching out to twice their size (which makes the cat pillow bed a great buy) and still others prefer to sidle up to a high-edge backing (like a wall). There are beds designed to accommodate all types of sleeping cats, and your cat’s sleeping style will often dictate the best option for them.

For those who prefer to curl up in a ball, you can explore a cat cave which is a fully enclosed bed that allows them to feel safe. If your cat finds the highest perch in the house for his daily naps, consider a cat tower or window perch.

2. Measure your Cat

This is a part of choosing a cat bed that not everyone thinks about – but your cat’s size and shape will determine the size of bed you need. Size may also have an impact on the type of bed you can have in your home and what form that bed comes in (including cat trees, window perches and more). Measure your cat from tail to nose to ensure any bed you order is large enough for your pet.

3. Choose Where You Will Place the Cat Bed

Where you decide to place your cat’s bed will dictate the style of bed you should explore. For example, in a large home you may want to explore a lifelike tree that your cat can climb or a giant tower that also serves as a scratch pole. If you live in a tiny studio apartment, you may want to consider a hammock bed that can be placed under a chair to help save space.

4. Identify your Cat’s Lifestyle

Some cats love making noise while others demand absolute silence during naps. If you have a cat who loves to make noise, the beds that contain plastic filled crinkles or a wicker basket may be right up your alley. For those that prefer absolute silence, consider a plush bed for your cat.

5. Consider your Cat’s Age

Age is just a number, but let’s be honest, senior cats are not nearly as rambunctious as young kittens. They don’t want to work too hard for their naps. For senior cats, you may want to select an orthopedic memory foam bed or even a heated cat bed. These offer comfort and style for your senior pets.

6. Read the Washing Instructions

Even the cleanest cat can have an occasional accident – an errant hairball or a bad day with stomach issues can cause any bed to require washing! See if the covers are removable for cleaning before ordering or stay with a fabric that is easily cleaned, like microsuede or cotton.

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