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6 Types of Outdoor Cat Furniture for Your Catio

We can all agree that our cats are safest when kept strictly indoors, but we also love to let our kitties safely enjoy the fresh air outdoors. One way we do that is with the latest trend in feline enrichment – catios – or, cat patios. And, every catio needs a comfortable – but weatherproof – place for your furriest friend to lounge. Outdoor cat furniture is just the thing your cat needs to complete his outdoor oasis.

In addition to shopping for our own fur-kids, cat lovers are a generous sort of people and when we consider a cat bed for our own pets, we also considerfurniture for the outdoor stray cats that we feed. Seeing a stray cat that has been abandoned by a former owner, or even a feral cat that may be a part of a colony but is wandering alone, can break our hearts. That’s another time when outdoor catfurniture comes into play!

Here are 6 types of outdoor cat furniture for your catio (or for the added comfort of your outdoor cat colony):

Igloo Beds

Cat igloos and caves are wonderful for indoor or outdoor use. There are many versions ofoutdoor cat furniture that resemble igloos. These types of beds generally feature a fully enclosed area that keeps cats protected all year long in any type of weather.

Before purchasingoutdoor cat furniture, make sure it’s specifically designed to hold up to extreme weather like rain and snow.

Cot-Style Beds

Elevated cot-style cat beds are fun for cats and dogs. These beds help keep pets off the ground and away from insects, damp grass, and plenty of other threats. They are simple to set up and even easier to wash – just blast off dirt and grime with a water hose!

Some of these beds can even be fully enclosed, which makes a great makeshift kennel.

Wooden Outdoor Cat Furniture

Wooden cat houses are fun for us (because we get to watch cats go in and out all day) and they’re also great protection from the elements for cats who spend a lot of time outdoors. You can purchase these homes in a variety of colors and styles; some even resemble a miniature home!

Heated Outdoor Cat Furniture

If you have a cat who requires some additional protection from those cold winter days, consider a heated outdoor house. These houses feature a heating element that lives under the bed, and programming ensures it won’t get too warm. These should only be placed under a protected patio or on a porch to ensure they are always operating properly. They also make great indoor areas for naps.

Cat Lawn Furniture

In many cases, cats just want to relax with their owners while they’re outdoors gardening or sunbathing. For these pampered pets, there is now kitty lawn furniture that caters to their Adirondack needs. Outdoor lawn furniture for cats is stylish and fun, and makes a statement that your cat is number one in your life!

Whether you are furnishing a catio or caring for a colony of outdoor cats, there is a wide selection of styles and designs to meet your every need.

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