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A Kitten Just Shattered the World Record for Longest Tail

The current record for the longest tail on a domestic cat is 16.34 inches. That record was awarded in 2011 and is held by Stewie – a Maine Coon from Reno, Nevada. But, look out, Stewie – you’ve got competition from another Maine Coon! Meet Cygnus:

Image credit: greenboy84

Image credit: greenboy84

Imgur user greenboy84, Cygnus’ human dad, shared his photos and said,

He’s not even a year old and he’s broken the world record for tail length by 2 inches (unofficial, but look at the pics!)

Cygnus lives with two other cats, Arcturus and Sirius, an F2 Savannah and a Marble bengal, and his dad says they love each other.

He also said the less-than-one-year-old kitten, Cygnus, is “seriously such a docile and loving boy” who loves cuddling with his cat brothers.


So how long is Cygnus’ tail? According to his human, it is

“Currently about 18.4 inches (46.73cm) from the base of his butt to the end of the “meat” of his tail.”

That measurement shatters Stewie’s current world record by more than two inches! Wow!


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