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All About The Glamorous Persian Cat

Persians are one of the most glamorous of all the cat breeds. With their gorgeous long coats, super-sweet faces, and totally chill personalities, it’s no wonder they are also the number one most popular cat breed!


The history of the Persian Cat is widely unrecorded because these cats have been around for centuries! Persians are named after the region of the world where they originally came from. The first documented ancestors of the Persian were imported into Italy from Persia in the 1600’s and another was imported to France from Turkey around the same time. They were popular pets in the late 1800’s because of Queen Victoria’s fondness for the breed. See, even back then, association with a “celebrity” ensured an animal’s popularity!

While the exact origins of the Persian are not known, we do know that the very first cat shows included them. And, since the late 1800’s, the appearance of these longhaired beauties has remained widely unchanged.


Early cat fanciers defined the “ breed standard” for their Persian Cats. And their definition was very much like today’s breed standard – a round head, short face, small rounded ears, snub nose, full cheeks, and a cobby body with a deep chest. The hallmark feature of the Persian, however, is it’s long, luxurious coat of fur – often flowing over the body and reaching all the way to the floor! Their soft, glamorous coat is punctuated by a thick flowing plume of a tail. Originally Persians had gray fur, but they are now available in a kaleidoscope of colors.


Persians are known for their sweet, gentle, laid-back personalities. They are affectionate, but they can be quite selective when it comes to who they’ll grant that honor! In other words – you have to earn their trust. While they love to be fussed over, Persians aren’t the sort of cats that will harass you for attention the way some other breeds will. Although nicknamed “furniture with fur” because of their tendency to simply lay around for a long time, many fanciers would argue that the Persian is highly intelligent and even as playful as many other felines; just not as active and curious.


Persian Cats should be kept exclusively indoors to protect their lovely coat and, at the same time, keep them away from the usual dangers outside the comforts and safety of your home. They’re at high risk of being stolen by someone who would love to own such a beautiful cat without paying for it!

Persians have a very high-maintenance coat. You have to groom them on a daily basis in order to keep their fur from developing nasty tangles and mats. It’s also recommended that they’re bathed once a month to keep their glorious coats in tip-top condition. Also, those large eyes are prone to weeping, so wipe around the eyes daily with soft cotton balls and warm water to prevent unsightly staining.


Persians are a fairly healthy breed, living an average of 15 years. Nevertheless, they are prone to a number of potential health problems, most commonly related to the structure of their short faces. For example, some Persians can have difficulty breathing or are noisy breathers, they are known to tear excessively, and they are sensitive to heat.

Persian cats make wonderful companions for those who live in a quiet environment and like to stick to a regular schedule. They aren’t the best choice for families with rowdy children who will pull their tails and hyper dogs who will chase them, but calm children and friendly dogs make perfectly acceptable family members.

Do you share your home with a Persian cat? Let us know in a comment below!

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