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Sky-High Adventure: Cat Clings to Wing of Plane in Flight

Fuel, check. Flaps, check. Propeller, check. Stray cat…check?

All pilots have a checklist they must carry out before each and every flight – unfortunately for Romain Janton, a pilot in Kourou French Guinea, looking for stray cats hidden inside the wing isn’t on the list!

This black and white fluffy stowaway gave a pilot and his passenger the surprise of their lives as it emerged on top of the wing of an Ultralight plane and poked its head into the cockpit.

When the pilot noticed the cat, he immediately turned the plane around to land. Hundreds of feet in the air, with nothing to secure him, the cat seems less phased by the incident than the pilot did!

The cat was unharmed and Janton joked the fearless feline is now going to be the flying club’s new mascot.



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