Cats: The Purrfect Pet for the Elderly

People of all ages love cats for their affectionate, fun-loving personalities. For seniors especially, cats can be the ideal companion. Often lower-maintenance than dogs, cats don’t need much to be happy at home. Whether they’re ready for a mid-afternoon nap or gearing up to pounce on a toy mouse, cats are a great way to help seniors avoid loneliness and maintain a sense of purpose. 

Before running to the pet store, follow this guide to pet ownership for the elderly to make the best decision on adopting a cat. 



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Peter

    Aug 6, 2019 at 12:05 pm

    The problems are several:

    a) A kitten is a 20-year commitment.
    b) A puppy is a 15 year commitment.
    d) An older dog will be more costly.
    e) An older cat will be more costly.

    My wife and I are older. We do get around, but we do have grand-children as a general indicator. Before we got our last kitten (6 years ago) we made an agreement with the kids as to who was going to take on the four (4) pets (2 cats/2 dogs) should we be unable to do so. And, as a cautionary tale, one of our neighbors near our summer house who had every single one of her marbles, and a few extra, but was in her 90s died suddenly, leaving five (5) cats and one (1) dog. She had no family within three states, and no one to deal with the animals. They went into the local county animal shelter – fate unknown.

    I believe it would be ideal to have some no-kill shelter provide foster pets, focusing on the elderly. The person could get a healthy animal to meet their specific needs for as long as they could manage, knowing that should they become unable to continue care, the animal would be safe and have a place to go.


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