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Five Ways Cats Make Better Valentines Than Human Partners

Introducing: the feline Valentine! Why would you settle for a regular human partner when your cat can offer so much more? Cats may not be able to write love poems or buy expensive gifts, but they can offer unconditional affection and loyalty.

reasons a cat is a better valentine than a human partner

Here are five reasons why your cat is a better Valentine than your partner.

1. Cats never forget how special you are. Your cat remembers the little things that make up your relationship—like playing together or those warm cuddles in bed. They don’t need grand gestures to show their love; all it takes is a simple purr or head bump to remind you of their loyalty. Unless you’re late with breakfast, then all bets are off.

2. Cats can sense when you’re feeling down and will do their best to make it better. Whether it’s snuggling up in your lap or dropping a dead mouse on your pillow, cats have an uncanny way of understanding our emotions and trying to bring us comfort in whatever way they know how.

3. Cats won’t add stress to your life. We all know relationships can be stressful, but cats don’t come with any drama. They simply enjoy spending time with you and asking for nothing more than a few scratches behind their ears. And, of course, breakfast. On time, if you don’t mind.

my cat is my valentine

4. Cats are independent and easy-going. Unlike humans, cats don’t require much upkeep or maintenance—they’re happy to lounge around while you take care of yourself without feeling neglected or demanding more of your time. Unless they can see the bottom of their food bowl, then… well, you would never lounge around while your sweet, adoring kitty was starving would you?

5. Cats love unconditionally (and expect nothing in return). It’s no secret that cats are capable of giving and receiving love. They don’t need expensive gifts or romantic gestures; all they require is your affection and attention. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten anything else — they’ll remind you. Relentlessly.

Cats may not be able to give you grand gestures of love, but they can offer unconditional affection and loyalty that no human partner can match. With their independent and easy-going nature and unlimited cuddle sessions, cats are the purr-fect Valentine for anyone looking for a trustworthy companion with lots of love to give. So show your cat some extra love this Valentine’s Day—they deserve it!

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