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Florida Man Offers $20,000 Reward for Missing Cats

Steve Rosen placed this ad in the Sun Sentinel newspaper, offering a hefty reward for the return of his 7 cats.

A cat lover in South Florida has asked for the public’s help in finding his cats,  by offering a $20,000 reward for their return.

Steve Rosen’s seven cats were stolen from his property near Davie, Florida, between March of last year and February of this year, he told NBC Miami. Rosen installed a $10,000 camera system and hired a private investigator but the cat’s continued to disappear one at a time.

“They’re like my children,” Rosen said. “Imagine one of your children disappear and then another one disappears.”

Out of ideas, Rosen decided to offer a reward, saying, “I’m counting on greed to find my cats,” he told Broward Palm Beach New Times. “That’s why I’ve put up the reward. Someone knows where they are, and someone knows who took them.” Rosen says no amount of money is too high to bring back his cats.

If his cats aren’t returned, Rosen, a retired dentist and businessman, said he might raise the reward amount. The cats had microchips and radio collars, but no trace of them has been found.

Rosen has 30 rescue cats, a parrot, and a rooster and says his pets mean the world to him.

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