How to Care for Your Cat’s Claws

In the wild, claws are one of the most important parts of a cat’s survival. They help grab prey, grip rocky mountainsides, mark their territory, and allow a cat to survive. While domestic cats don’t have to do all that for survival, it’s very important that they keep their claws healthy and intact to retain their balance, live pain-free, and most importantly, to be a cat. That’s why declawing is illegal in many countries – it’s cruel and unnecessary.

So, how do we protect our furniture and household items from those claws?

The answer is simple – we help our cats maintain them with scratching posts, climbing shelves and climbing areas, and regular grooming.

Grooming is important to help our cats live in domestic bliss. Nail clippers are the first step. If your pets have dark nails, it can be difficult to clip their nails as it’s hard to see (and avoid cutting) the “quick,” the vein that supplies your pet’s nail with blood. These days, there are lots of tools to help you avoid doing this and to clip your cat’s nails easily and safely.

The new Zen nail clippers are designed to clip just the tip of the nail. You choose the size of the clippers and simply place the claw through the pre-measured hole and clip. You’re assured a perfect clip of the nails without touching the quick. Be sure to read the directions so you order the exact size you need.

QuickFinder is another great nail clipper that helps you locate the quick so you never accidentally cut it. It is battery-operated and utilizes sensor technology to detect nail differences, identifying where the quick ends by “seeing” the blood source to the nail.
If you would prefer to avoid clipping, or your cat still scratches even though you trim their claws, soft nail caps may be the answer.

Soft nail caps affix to your cat’s nails and provide a “soft” claw that will keep cats from scratching and clawing. You can apply these yourself or ask a groomer or your vet to do it. They last a month or more before needing to be replaced and make a great alternative for those who still have problems after nail clipping. Best of all, after they’re applied, it will look like your cat has just spent a day at the salon!

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