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8 Insta-Famous Cats You Need to Follow

Everyone knows that cats rule the internet..and Instagram is no exception! Some of the most popular IG accounts belong to our feline friends! Here are some of the most popular cats you NEED to be following on Instagram! Who would you add? (Tell us in a comment so we can follow them, too!

@Nala_Cat (2.7m followers)

Nala is a 5 year old Siamese & Tabby rescue. While Nala’s human parent didn’t start with the intention for her to become Insta-famous, she now uses her reach to educate people about pet overpopulation, spaying & neutering, and rescue.

What’s up?🙄

A photo posted by nala_cat🐾 (@nala_cat) on

Our next insta-famous cutie has the best smile ever: @princessmonstertruck (227k followers)

Princess Monster Truck was rescued on the streets of New York. According to her Facebook page, “She is the most amazing little friend with the fiercest smile!”

Seriously, who could resist this face?

INTI/\M/\IDATION TACTICS #PrincessMonsterTruck

A photo posted by PrincessMonsterTruck © (@princessmonstertruck) on

You may recognize the next famous kitty, but our list wouldn’t be complete without her! @iamlilbub (1.2m followers)

Lil Bub may be “lil” but she has a huge fan base! And the best part? She uses her celebrity to raise money for special needs rescue pets!

PEEK a BUB #lilbub

A photo posted by Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) on

One look at our next Insta-famous kitty and you’ll be hooked: @samhaseyebrows (189k followers)

Sam the cat has REAL eyebrows. Not drawn-on fake eyebrows but honest-to-goodness-black-fur brows that make him look concerned at all times!

Long arms, amber eyes, makin’ all the ladies cry.

A photo posted by Sam (@samhaseyebrows) on

Our next famously forlorn feline won’t come as a surprise, but she just HAD to make the list! @RealGrumpyCat (1.3m followers)

Unless you’re just crawling out from under a rock today, you’ve seen Grumpy Cat gracing the internet with her adorably frowny face. She was catapulted to fame when her photo was shared on Reddit. Now, Tardar Sauce (Grumpy’s real name) has snagged herself several endorsement deals, a movie and book, plush dolls, and even her own line of coffee!

A photo posted by Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat) on

The next insta-famous kitty on our list has striking good looks and the most amazing eyes you’ll ever see! @snoopybabe (323k followers)

Snoopybabe is an Exotic Shorthair from China, insta-famous for simply being ADORABLE! …and we can see why.


A photo posted by SNOOPY·babe (@snoopybabe) on

The next Insta-famous cat using his fame to do good things is @hamilton_the_hipster_cat (460k followers)

Hamilton is a rescue kitty adopted from San Jose, California.  His perfect mustache and human like facial expressions have made him an internet sensation. Being a rescue himself, Hamilton and his family are advocates (and advocat) for adopting versus shopping for your next pet. The proceeds from sales on his website go to help rescue cats around the world.

Sleepy Saturday…yea, i know it’s #Caturday, but alliteration… #mustachecat

A photo posted by – Hamilton The Hipster Cat – (@hamilton_the_hipster_cat) on

Who is the 8th Insta-famous kitty you NEED to follow? @venustwofacecat (897k followers)

Do not adjust your screen – Venus is a Chimera cat, has a half-black, half-orange face that appears to be split straight down the middle, and her eyes are striking, too: one is green, the other blue. It’s easy to see why she’s famous, but she’s another kitty that uses her fame to promote animal rescue.


Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 😽

A photo posted by Venus Cat (@venustwofacecat) on

Who is your favorite famous feline? Who should we add to the list? Tell us in a comment below! (And don’t forget to follow us on instagram, @catingtonpost!)



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