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Lux, the 911 Cat Sent to Oregon Shelter

Lux is now safely in the care of Multnomah County Animal Services. Photo via

Lux is now safely in the care of Multnomah County Animal Services. Photo via

Chances are you heard the frantic 911 call that went viral last week when Lee Palmer and his family barricaded themselves in a bedroom to escape their angry cat, Lux, a big black & white Himalayan mix.

Palmer told the 911 dispatcher that his cat had attacked his young child after he pulled the cat’s tail. Palmer then admitted he kicked the cat and Lux went berserk. Palmer, his girlfriend, their son and their Pomeranian shut themselves in the master bedroom and called 911, asking for police to come get the cat, who was screaming outside their door.

Press play to hear the entire 911 call:

Portland police came into the home and captured Lux from on top of the refrigerator with a snare.

The family initially said they wanted to keep Lux and seek therapy for him but made the decision on Monday to release him to Multnomah County Animal Services. According to the shelter’s website, “We are working with the owners to facilitate the best possible outcome for Lux. A local cat behavior specialist has offered their services for Lux whether he stays with his current owners or is placed with a new family.”

The shelter said it will post the information if the family decides to put Lux up for adoption. The news was posted to the Multnomah County Animal Services Facebook page where several people have already offered to adopt the cat and give him a loving home – where he won’t be kicked. Many people on the shelter’s Facebook page are even calling for prosecution of Lux’s owners for animal abuse.

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