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Miracle Cat Survives Being Set On Fire

Justin in the early days

Justin, just a tiny kitten, was set on fire and left to die when a good samaritan found him. Photos courtesy of Facebook.

Some say that cats have nine lives, and if it’s true, the hero of our story today, Justin, certainly exemplifies this old adage. And while this story shares some heartbreaking details, there is such truly magical, happy ending to this tale.

It’s truly hard to imagine that anyone could commit such a horrific crime as setting an innocent kitten on fire, but that’s exactly what happened to poor little Justin. Justin’s story begins in Philadelphia, on the 25th of April when when a passerby noticed a tiny kitten who had been set on fire. The good Samaritan scooped up the kitten, extinguished the flames and then immediately rushed the injured animal to a residential location to try to clean the kittens wounds. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the kitten’s injuries were much more severe than minor burns, so the cat was rushed Crown Veterinary Specialists in Lebanon, NJ.

At the medical center, Justin was diagnosed with third degree burns over two-thirds of his little body.  He needed to undergo surgery to remove the remnants of his charred ears. We can only imagine how painful this whole ordeal must have been for our little friend, and how easy it could have been for him to simply give up the will to live.  But not Justin!  This little kitty is a true survivor who didn’t give up his fighting spirit!

Justin Fire Survivor

Justin now - a survivor and a happy, healthy boy!

Local news stations went to great lengths to publicize this story, in hopes that a witness to the crime would hear about it and come forward to identify the perpetrator. Sadly, the abuser has never been found but, instead, Justin found something even better: a new loving mommy and a “forever home”.

“It was love at first sight”, said Kelly, Justin’s new adoptive mommy (who has chosen NOT to reveal her last name, to keep the attention on Justin). When the story went public and she saw his sweet little face on TV she knew they were meant to be together. She was among the hundreds who applied to adopt Justin, but she say it was Justin who made the call.

The day they got to meet for the first time, they bonded instantly and Justin was purring in her arms. Through weeks of constant care and plenty of TLC Justin has recovered and refuses to let this tragedy slow him down. Kelly says he’s not a victim; he’s a survivor. It’s easy to see that he has a real zest for life, is filled with playful energy, and simply wants to enjoy life; just as a kitten should!

Kelly insists though, that the horrific crime that was committed against Justin was not all in vain.  Because of the media coverage that Justin received, awareness around animal abuse certainly has increased.  She says that “he has a voice” and that his story is far from over.  She has already put up a Facebook page so people can follow his recovery. Plus, if you need a little inspiration, look no further as Kelly posts spirit-lifting messages pertaining to Justin’s saga.

NJ.com reports:

Kelley said he may be a kind of “spokes-cat” for animal cruelty cases in the future.

You’ll be hearing more from Justin in the future,” she said.

Here at the Catington Post we like to call Justin, the comeback kid! And despite having no ears, this little kitten will steal your heart and leave you feeling inspired as well.

If you’d like to follow Justin’s recovery, you can do so by visiting his Facebook page: Justin, Fire Survivor



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