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Oregon Cat Steals for His Police Sergeant Owner


Tigger the cat, who lives in Gladstone, Oregon – just outside of Portland – has been stealing from his neighbors for about four years. Here’s the kicker, though. Tigger is owned by a West Linn Police Sergeant!

According to ABC News, The literal ‘cat burglar’ leaves everything he takes – including a bag of marijuana – in the driveway and back porch of his owner Sgt. Dave Kempas’ home.

The police sergeant set up a surveillance camera to observe his little cat burglar. He also posts images of Tigger’s stash on the cat’s own Facebook page.

Tigger's stash. Photo via Facebook/Happy Kleptokitty

Tigger’s stash. Photo via Facebook/Happy Kleptokitty

Kempas cleans whatever Tigger drags in and then donates those items to charity. He says, “I didn’t take a receipt or anything for it. I figure I can’t take that as a tax deduction. I didn’t get it honestly in the first place.”

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