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Oregon Cat Steals for His Police Sergeant Owner


Tigger the cat, who lives in Gladstone, Oregon – just outside of Portland – has been stealing from his neighbors for about four years. Here’s the kicker, though. Tigger is owned by a West Linn Police Sergeant!

According to ABC News, The literal ‘cat burglar’ leaves everything he takes – including a bag of marijuana – in the driveway and back porch of his owner Sgt. Dave Kempas’ home.

The police sergeant set up a surveillance camera to observe his little cat burglar. He also posts images of Tigger’s stash on the cat’s own Facebook page.

Tigger's stash. Photo via Facebook/Happy Kleptokitty

Tigger’s stash. Photo via Facebook/Happy Kleptokitty

Kempas cleans whatever Tigger drags in and then donates those items to charity. He says, “I didn’t take a receipt or anything for it. I figure I can’t take that as a tax deduction. I didn’t get it honestly in the first place.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Della Williamson

    Jul 17, 2017 at 10:28 pm

    Those cats are really good at being burglers. Is rather funny. They leave you a gift for 3 reasons. They love you which I think is the main reason. They think you can’t take care of yourself according to an article I read, not sure I believe that one. And they want to thank you. We were working in the yard and I had propped the breezeway doors open. When we were finished, about three hours later. I shut the screen doors. Unaware that my neighbors cat CeeCee was in the garage. I went out into the breezeway a couple of hours later to get some food out of the freezer CeeCee was hanging on the screen door. He tends to be very wary of anyone outside of his immediate family so I spoke soothingly to him and told him to let me reach around you and open the door. Which I did, unlocking and opening and he was gone like a shot. 4 hours later I started to step out the front door to go check the mail when I found a denuded bird on the mat in front of my door. I returned to the kitchen and grabbed a paper towel and picked up the bird and took it inside. Making sure I was out of sight of the windows. Placed it in the garbage can. CeeCee had left me a think you gift. Didn’t want him to think I was ungrateful for his courtesy. Thank you is the 3rd reason they leave gifts.

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