Read Your Cat’s Eyes to Conquer the First Step of Cat Training

shutterstock_315970937-minCats are often spoken about as being emotionally aloof and difficult to understand. Puppy eyes and cute noses make dogs much more relatable, and we’re easily able to distinguish the woof of ‘I want to play’ from the woof of ‘leave me alone.’ However, such not the case with cats.

Cats are elegant creatures and often fearful. They often move around with their faces to the wall and seem to be completely distant from the world. Though this is the common belief held about cats, it’s far away from the truth.

There is a growing belief that cats are just as expressive. The trick and talent lies in making your cats feel at ease, gradually helping them to open up, as you catch on to their eye movements, purrs and tail wags.

The first step to understand and train you cats, and make them a part of your family is to look deep into their eyes.

Look out for these signs to know your cat’s mood and what it’s looking for.

shutterstock_390779161 (1)-minYour Cat Trusts You
So, we spoke about how cats walk around with a blank expression and their eyes to the wall. Turns out that’s not the case when your cat trusts you. Watch out for these cues. When cats open their eyes wide in front of you, it means they trust you! It also indicates that they are alert. So respond tactfully.

When the eyes-wide-open gesture is accompanied with a head-butt or a little push-on into your cheeks, your cat is trying to say it loves you and trusts you completely. Such an expression from your cat will take time, but when it does, cherish the moment.

shutterstock_72978325-minYour Cat is Feeling Territorial
You do realize that your pet cat belongs to the family of wild African cats. By nature, they are predatory and territorial. While the domestic variants are much more docile, dominance and aggression is an inevitable trait in cats.

When your cat stares unblinkingly for a really long time, it is an indicator of aggression and threat. This penetrating stare may go unnoticed by cat owners for some time. But, get cued on to these stares. These are the times you should refrain from going close to your cat, or even in and around its habitable area and touching its belongings.

Keep other pets and children away from your cat at this point. In multi-cat households, cats often use their eyes and their stare to indicate singular control over resources and mark their territory.

shutterstock_11598904-minYour Cat Is Flirting with You
Cats are extremely choosy when it comes to deciding who to wink at. So next time your cat does that, understand that it is in a mood for some serious fun. The one-eye cat communication is often referred to as a kitty kiss. You can also interpret it as your cat flirting with you.

Cats are fiercely guarded and independent animals. So, if you see your cat giving you the wink, consider it a compliment that you have finally broken the ice with your cat and it is extremely comfortable around you. This is the time you can get playful around your cat.

shutterstock_571093312-minYour Cat Is Experiencing Fear
Slit eyes indicate fear in cats. Squinting, in certain cases, is associated with seeking affection and petting. But in majority of situations, it is associated with a fear of surroundings or a larger animal. It is almost as if the cat is actually squinting to protect from potential claws of another animal or an approaching attack.

Spend some time to assess why your cat is squinting in the given situation and act accordingly. If fear is evoking this response, consult a vet and find out what you can do to address it. Being in a state of constant fear can affect your cat’s health. You need to eliminate the source of fear and anxiety, and equip your feline with coping mechanisms.


shutterstock_343805729 (1)-minYour Cat Adores You
Though they are known for their emotional vagueness, there will be times when your cat will feel deep affection for you and won’t shy away from expressing it. When your kitten feels completely relaxed, it will have the droopy, sleepy eyes.

Meet its eyes affectionately and slowly, and blink. If your cat blinks back slowly, you need to celebrate as this honor is bestowed on very few. The honor is, of course, the absolute adoration and adulation from your cat.

Your Cat Is Happy and Content
It is easy to recognize a happy cat even from a distance. It will be lying or sitting down, purring lightly, maybe indulging in some kneading (which is a cat’s favorite activity) and will have its eyes half-closed with pupils narrowing. Yes, your cat is relaxed and happy and this is the perfect time for you to condition your cat to make it do what you want.

To Conclude
Cats may not have the most expressive faces, but they sure communicate a lot in their own ways. Whether it is the raising of their backside, the kitty kiss, or the dilation and constriction of the pupils, when a cat is finally comfortable around, it will give you a glimpse of its many moods and emotions. Once you are clued in to those, you may not have as obedient a pet as a dog, but your cat will know just when to listen to you, when not to test your patience, and always be a cozy companion for you.


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