‘Sweet Tart’ the Cat Elected Mayor of Michigan Town

We’ve always known cats were going to take over the world! Now, a 9-year old calico in the tiny town of Omena, Michigan is the latest feline to take a position of power! Meet their newest elected official, Mayor Sweet Tart McKee, the cat.

Omena Historical Society

The 280-person town recently held an election for a new mayor, and – get this – all of the entrants were animals. Candidates included two cats, a peacock, a chicken, 13 dogs and one goat. But, Sweet Tart garnered the most votes and she’s now mayor.

The shy cat ran on a platform of experience (she served as Vice Mayor from 2012-2015) and having “NO naughty deeds,” based on her election profile on the Omena Historical Society’s website.

“I have had experience with governing/supervising my household. And having been Vice Mayor for 3 years, fulfilling all my expected duties, I know I could handle the Mayor position.”

According to People:

Omena residents paid $1 to take part in the special election, with all proceeds going to the Omena Historical Society. The vote was also open to any animal lover online who wanted to voice an opinion and donate. Overall, there were more than 7,000 votes, of which Sweet Tart got the majority.

Omena has had animals in office for more than 10 years. Sweet Tart will hold the role of mayor until 2021. She will be aided by First Vice Mayor Diablo Shapiro the Dog, Second Vice Mayor Punkin Anderson-Harden the Dog, Press Secretary Harley Jones the Goat, and Special Assistant for Fowl Issues Penny Labriola the Chicken.

Animals in office are rare, but not unheard of! Check out these other cats who have held office. Would you vote for a cat?!


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