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Teacher Hears Meows, Finds Cat in Student’s Backpack

In this day and age, it’s not all that strange to hear about students bringing things they shouldn’t to school. But, a meowing backpack was a new one for one 4th-grade teacher, and her Facebook post about the discovery is going viral.

Mrs. Carey Geipel, a teacher in Virginia, was working during her planning period when she and a co-worker heard meowing. When they didn’t see a cat outside the window, they started to search the classroom. At first, she thought, it must be a meowing ringtone.

That was, until she lifted a jacket that was covering a backpack – and the backpack moved! Her post on Facebook, that has now been shared thousands of times, tells the story:

“While talking to Shawn Rock during planning we hear meowing. We look out the window, no cat. We investigate further. We listen to a purse, lunchbox… it must be a cell phone ringing. Nope. It’s coming from the backpacks. I lift a jacket and a backpack MOVES. I unzip the backpack and a cat’s head POPS out! That folks, is how my Friday started. #icantmakethisup #4thgrade #whatthewhat

Edited to say: Cat is safe and student’s mom came to pick it up.

The phone call home went like this (thanks Gina) … Hello, Student is safe but we have kind of a weird situation… your student brought a cat to school, on the bus, in her backpack. Their response: SHUT UP. 😂

Best part… it’s not even their cat. It’s the neighbor’s cat. O.M.G”


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