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That’s Weird: ‘Free Cat’ With London Cleaning Service

London homeowners with a mouse problem can now use a smartphone app to order a foster cat to combat their rodent problems.

Handy, a London cleaning service, partnered with local cat rescue Wood Green to offer their rescue cats into temporary foster homes – where their very presence can scare away mice and rats.

Those who use the Handy app can now choose from a selection of cats available, and foster one for free. Each of the cats shown in the app come with images and their own “life story”, and Wood Green says it is a good opportunity for them to spend time away from the rescue center.

From London24:

Juliette Jones, animal welfare consultant at Wood Green, said: “We are delighted to make some of our cats available for app-powered fostering.

“We have over 200 cats in need of good homes, some of which will benefit from being cared for temporarily in a home environment, until they find their forever homes. We hope that this unique service will open people’s minds to the positive impact – both practical and emotional – of having a loveable feline in residence.”

Fostering is free for anyone using the Handy app, but users are encouraged to make a donation to Wood Green or to consider making their temporary foster a permanent addition to their family.


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