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Tilly the Tabby Saves the Day!

Matt Clayton admits he wanted to adopt a dog, but his newly rescued tabby cat, Tilly has proven herself to be man’s best friend!

Tilly was rescued by the Clayton family from the RSPCA three weeks ago. She had been found covered in fleas and scratches from fighting, and she was nursing a brand new litter of kittens.

This week, Matt’s wife and children were already gone and he was leaving his Blackburn home later than usual when Tilly began acting strangely, he tells 7News,

“She was looking up at me and the roof,” Matt told 7News.

Matt said he could not smell or see smoke, but Tilly’s persistent purring compelled him to touch the ceiling.

“I gave the down-light a gentle tug and smoke came pouring out.”

Box Hill fire chief Ken Campbell said, “If Tilly wasn’t there, it would have been a catastrophe for sure. Within 20 minutes, the compressed straw insulation would have engulfed and destroyed the entire home.”

Later, Matt joked that he’s considering a name change for Tilly. “We should maybe call her Smokey,” he said with a grin.

Bravo, Tilly!
And, way to go, Matt, for listening to the warning Tilly was giving you!

Check out this interview with Matt and Tilly from Australia’s 7News:

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