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Weigh In: The Great Indoor vs. Outdoor Debate

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Roughly 75% of Americans claim their cats are indoor only.

But, in many European countries, it’s culturally considered cruel to keep cats inside! Shocking as that might sound to those of us in the US who wouldn’t consider letting our cats outside, cultural norms are very powerful. In fact, some shelters won’t adopt to you unless you let your cat go outside.

Last year at a large industry trade show, attended by international companies, I spoke with a company from the UK that manufactures cat flaps (doggy doors for cats). He told me he was surprised at how poorly cat flaps sold in the United States compared to Europe, where everyone has them for their cats to come and go as they please.

We want to know where you stand on letting your cat go outside. Do you? Or would you?

If you lived in a culture that deemed it cruel to keep your cat indoors, would that change things?

Tell us your thoughts.



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