Why Do Cats Make Biscuits? 5 Reasons Cats Knead

Do you know why your cat makes biscuits? It’s actually a pretty fascinating behavior! In this article, we will explore five reasons why cats “make biscuits,” or knead, and what it means for them. So, why do cats make biscuits? Read on to find out!

cat making biscuits

Is kneading normal behavior?

Yes, kneading is a normal behavior for cats of all ages. Kneading is also known as “making biscuits” or “paddling,” and can be seen in cats as young as 12 weeks old! Cats usually do this while they are lying down or perched on something like your lap. Generally, it’s a sign of contentment.

Why do cats make biscuits?

1. Cats Make Biscuits for Comfort:

Kneading is a comfort behavior that cats may do when they’re feeling content and happy. It’s commonly associated with nursing kittens, as mom cats use the motion to stimulate milk production. As adult cats get older, they still may carry over this comforting habit from their kittenhood.

2. Cats Make Biscuits to Mark Territory:

Some cats may knead when they’re claiming their territory. The act of pressing their paws against a surface releases the scent from glands in their paw pads, which helps them to feel more secure in their environment and also mark it as theirs.

3. They Make Biscuits for Stress Relief:

Kneading is also an anxiety-reducing behavior for cats. When they press their paws against an object, it releases endorphins in their body and helps to relieve stress.

4. Cats Make Biscuits to Show Affection:

Cats may knead as a way of showing love to their humans or other pets in the home. This type of behavior is often seen between cats that are bonded with each other, as a way of showing their affection.

5. They Make Biscuits to Prepare for Sleep:

Cats may knead as part of their bedtime routine to make it more comfortable for them before they settle in for a nap. This is typically done with extra force and vigor, which helps get the blanket just right so they can sleep soundly.

Kneading is a common and endearing behavior in cats. While it may be annoying if they’re kneading on your lap or blanket, understanding why cats make biscuits can help you appreciate the cute and comforting gesture. Next time your cat is making biscuits, try to think of it as their way of showing you love!

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