9 Clever Life Hacks for Cats

Cats are clever. Beat them at their own game with these 9 clever life hacks for cats (and the people who live with them).

1. Cat Hair on your Clothes? Use Dryer Sheets!

Cats just love to roll all over our clean clothes and leave their hair behind. Toss your clothes back in the dryer with a new dryer sheet and the hair will come right off. Or, for a quick fix after Fluffy jumps off your lap and leaves her hair-legacy behind, just wipe your clothes with a dryer sheet and easily wipe away the fur.

2. Cat Hair on Furniture? Use Rubber Gloves!

There are countless pet hair removal products available on the market but, believe it or not, a simple swipe of a household rubber glove will pick up most of the cat hair on your couch.

3. Cat Chewed Up ANOTHER Cord? Here’s How to Protect Them!

How many cell phone cords have you had to replace because your cat chewed them up? Are you beginning to think your earphones must be flavored with tuna because Fluffy has eaten every single pair? You’re not alone!

But there’s a cheap, easy way to keep your cords safe from feline teeth, and it doesn’t require smearing or spraying weird smelling and expensive deterrents from the pet store (that often don’t work) on your electronics. Just get some split tubing and wrap your cords in it. That’s it!

4. Cat Attacks the Toilet Paper? Protect It!

Does your cat like to use more toilet paper than you do? There’s an easy fix, and it doesn’t mean you have to hide your toilet paper in the bathroom cabinet. Just get a stylish wall-mounted toilet roll cover. They’re available in just about any finish and style to match your decor, and your paper is always handy when you need it.

5. Feral or Stray Cats outside? Make them a DIY Cat House!

With a few minutes of your time, a storage tote, a styrofoam cooler and some straw, you can help keep outdoor stray and feral cats warm and safe through the freezing cold winter months. Click here for detailed instructions.

6. Cat Peeing in Your Potted Plants? Get Some Pine Cones!

Does your cat like to use your indoor potted plants as a second litter box? First, take a trip to the vet to rule out a medical reason for inappropriate urination, like a urinary tract infection. Then, add a layer of pine cones to the top of your potted plants. They’ll blend in with your plants and because they’re uncomfortable to step on, your cat will not want to urinate there anymore!

7. Hairballs? Constipation? Diarrhea? Use Pumpkin!

A small amount of canned pumpkin is a cat parent’s best friend. It’s a fantastic source of fiber, and for that reason, is a quick fix for constipation, diarrhea, and hairballs! Of course, if these things happen a lot, you’ll want to get to the root of the problem, but use canned pumpkin for once-in-a-while events. Just be sure to give your cat only 100% pumpkin, not pie filling, which contains added sugar.

8. Cat Litter Everywhere? DIY a Top-Entry Litter Box!

Top-Entry litter boxes are excellent for cats that love to dig and kick litter out of traditional litter boxes. They virtually eliminate litter tracking all over your house (and into your bed!) because your cat has to jump up and out through the top, and litter stays in the box. You can get a fantastic one by Petmate, or easily make your own by cutting a large hole in the lid of a storage tote!

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