Adele Cuddles a Cat Named Larry at Vancouver Cat Café

A Canadian cat café, named Catfe, is simply purring after they got a visit from superstar singer Adele this week, ahead of her sold out concerts in Vancouver. The Grammy-winning singer stopped by the cat-themed cafe that doubles as an adoption center for felines, on Tuesday evening.

According to the owners at Catfé, the singer was “starstruck by our guy Larry and became an instant fan.” Adele requested that no photos be taken of her, but that didn’t stop them from announcing their special guest on social media:

Barista (purrista?) Leona Morrison told the Vancouver Sun:

“When she (Adele) first came up, I didn’t recognize her so I told her we were full,” Morrison said. At the time, Catfe was packed with a birthday party and customers specifically looking to adopt.

“My co-worker was about to tell her that she looked like Adele, when she told us that she is Adele, and she asked if she could come in, if even for a few minutes. We said … OK!”

Later, Morrison went to check on the singer and discovered her cuddling one of the resident cats, Larry. By Wednesday morning, after news of the visit leaked out, Larry had become a local feline celebrity, with fans visiting Catfe just for a chance to pat the cat who cuddled Adele!


As for one-year-old tabby, Larry the cat, all the attention got him adopted! The visit inspired Catfe to create a new adoption video with new lyrics to Adele’s Hello…called Meow, and featuring Larry the Cat, of course:

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