Amazing Rescue! Cat is Pulled From Earthquake Rubble After 6 Days

A cat named Gioia (Joy) has been rescued by Italian firefighters after spending six days trapped in the rubble of a collapsed house. A 6.2-magnitude earthquake rattled the central Italian town of Amatrice on August 24th, sadly killing 292 people died and injuring another 400. But, in one small bit of happy news, on Monday, as rescue officials were combing through the city with bulldozers to move rubble, they spotted something. It was Joy, a small white and gray cat, dehydrated but alive and conscious! She was pulled from the wreckage and then given to volunteer vets who had a tent set up in town to care for injured animals.

The Huffington Post reported:

The cat’s rescue proved to be a miracle for Gioia’s owner, Daniela Tursini, who had stayed glued to her home’s rubble hoping that Gioia would be found.

Ms. Tursini said she grabbed her cat when the earthquake struck but Joy jumped out of her arms just as she was being rescued.  The next morning, an aftershock struck the area, further damaging her house and trapping the animal. What a miracle!

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