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Beware of Cat: Mail-Snatching Kitty Scares off the Postal Carrier!

Usually it’s the dog that has a problem with the postman..but in this case, it’s the cat!


Via Facebook/Matthew Sampson

A UK couple, Matthew Sampson and Laura Lowe, face having mail deliveries suspended because their cat violently snatches letters from the mail carrier every time he tries to push them through the mail slot in the door.

4-year-old black and white kitty, Bella, growls whenever the postman approaches their door, and then jumps up to grab the mail from him.

The Royal Mail said “her actions puts workers ‘at risk of injury’ and after a health and safety assessment no more deliveries can be made to the house.” They are insisting that Bella be restrained and changes made before they will resume mail delivery to the address.

The couple will be installing a letterbox outside their door to eliminate the risk of the mail carrier’s fingers being bitten or scratched. 

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