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Firefighters Spend Four Hours Rescuing a Trapped Cat


Firefighters are known as heroes for putting their lives on the line to save ours, but firefighters in Staffordshire, UK are heroes for another reason. They spent four hours chiseling away at the walls to save a trapped cat.

Mark Colclough called the RSPCA after he discovered that his cat Mickey had squeezed through a tiny hole between the side of his house and his neighbour’s garage. Officers called Staffordshire Fire and Rescue, who spent hours painstakingly removing bricks with a hand chisel to widen the gap.

They then had to cut through a cabinet and another brick wall to make a hole large enough for Mickey to be slowly pushed through. Pictures taken by RSPCA officers show Mickey covered in dirt, wedged in the narrow gap with his head pressed against the wall. However, he managed to escape the ordeal without any injuries!


Mark Colclough told Daily Mail:

‘Mickey is a very timid cat who is scared of his own shadow.

‘He never goes out the front door but we think he sneaked out when we weren’t aware, panicked because it was unknown territory then tried to get to the back of the house, which he is more familiar with, through this very small gap between our house and our neighbour’s garage.

RSPCA officer Cara Gibbon said Staffordshire Fire and Rescue were “absolutely amazing.”

‘We’re glad that he was safely released and thankfully he did not have any injuries, just a slightly bruised pride.’


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