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Maine Woman Gets Stuck In Tree Trying To Rescue Her Cat


Credit: Eric Erickson/Bangor Daily News

What would you do if you thought your beloved pet cat was stuck in a tree? Well, a 60-year old woman in Presque Isle, Maine was unsuccessfully trying to coax her black cat out of a 75-foot tree this week so, fearing he would get hungry or thirsty, she grabbed a duffel bag and climbed up the tree to fetch him.

Seems she was more intent on grabbing the kitty, though, and didn’t notice just how high she was climbing until she got to the very top and realized she couldn’t get herself back down!

The Bangor Daily News reported:

“She got all the way up the tree to the very high tiny branches in the top of the tree,” [Richard Wark, deputy fire chief in Presque Isle] said. “And then she looked down and realized how high she was. She had a cellphone with her, thankfully. When she called us [at about 2 p.m.] and we got there, we could hardly believe that she climbed all the way to the top of the tree. It took us a few minutes to find her in the leaves and branches.”

When firefighters arrived to rescue the ‘rescuer’, they tried to convince her that the cat would eventually come down on his own, but she was adamant about not coming out of the tree without him.

Eventually, Wark said, the firefighters told her that they would get her down first, and then go back and try to get the cat down.

As promised, the firefighters got the woman, who’s name hasn’t been released, out of the tree and then tried using their ladder again to get her cat down. But, the cat refused help. He did, however, climb down on his own a short while later.

Firefighters typically don’t respond to calls for help rescuing animals from trees, as they typically do come down on their own, and they believe it to be a waste of resources.

What would you do if your cat seemed to be stuck in a tree?



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