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Cat Missing for Over a Year…Wait ‘Til You See Where He Was Hiding!

Photo: Kennelgate Pet Superstores/Facebook

Photo: Kennelgate Pet Superstores/Facebook

Clive, the Norwegian Forest Cat had been missing since October, 2014. His owner, Tanya Irons thought she’d never see her fluffy kitten again.

She had no idea he was just a couple of miles away, living it up in the pet food warehouse at Kennelgate Pet Superstores.

Photo: Kennelgate Pet Superstores/Facebook

Photo: Kennelgate Pet Superstores/Facebook

Clive was discovered weeks ago after setting off the alarms in the warehouse. He eluded capture until this week after a trap was set. Fortunately for Clive and his owners – he had a microchip and was identified and reunited with his family!

Kennelgate said this about Clive taking up residence in their warehouse:

It’s a mystery as to where he has been over the past 14 months but we think he couldn’t of ended up in a better place what with all the free pet food he could dream of, not forgetting the odd warehouse mouse!

Owner Tanya said she couldn’t believe how fat he got!

See more in this video by BBC East Midlands Today:

A warm welcome home for Clive, the cat. He turned up in a Nottingham pet food warehouse, 16 months after going missing. Clive was a kitten when he disappeared and Tanya, his owner, is delighted to have him back.

Posted by BBC East Midlands Today on Thursday, February 4, 2016



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