Pet Insurance Alternative Promises to Make Vet Care Affordable for All—With No Exceptions

Pawp has created an affordable alternative to pet insurance that supports pets and their owners during emergency situations, without exclusions.

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A $24 monthly subscription to Pawp Clinic includes 24/7 access to licensed vets and a $3,000 emergency fund — no matter a pet’s age, breed, location, or medical history — and can be applied for up to 6 cats and dogs in a household at no extra cost.

Pawp Clinic is instant and unlimited, connecting members to experienced vets within two minutes for both general pet questions and more serious issues. If the Pawp Vet determines that a pet needs emergency care, the member will have access to $3,000 in emergency funds to be used at the clinic of their choice one time per year. No copay, no deductible, and no paying it back.

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Pawp aims to reduce the number of unnecessary vet visits by helping determine when something is a real emergency or can be resolved at home, saving pet parents thousands of dollars a year. Pawp’s ultimate goal is to stop pet euthanasia for economic reasons (which sadly accounts for about 66% of all cases) by making sure pet owners never have to choose between paying a vet bill and saving their pet’s life.

Never choose between a vet bill and your pet's life.
Never choose between a vet bill and your pet’s life.

According to the 2020 Average Cost Of Pet Insurance report, the average cost of accident/illness plan coverage in the US for dogs is $47.20 and cats is $29.54 per month. Only 2% of pet parents in the US currently have pet insurance, despite 40% of American not having $400 in emergency savings. At $24/month for up to 6 pets, Pawp provides a safety net and takes the worry out of pet parenting. Unlike any pet insurance providers, it even covers emergencies related to preexisting conditions.

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