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Proof That Cats Walked Across Our Stuff 2,000 Years Ago, Too

Photo via Gloucester City Museum

Scores of 2,000-year-old Roman roof tiles were found in Gloucester, England in an archeological dig in 1969, but an archaeologist just recently noticed a cat’s footprint on one of the tiles while sifting through them in the city museum, thus proving what cat parents have known for centuries – that cats will walk across whatever we’re working on!

A museum spokesman told The Telegraph, “When Romans made roof tiles they left the wet clay out to dry in the sun.”

He explained further, “Animals, and people, sometimes walked across the drying tiles and left their footprints behind.”

“The cat is thought to have snuck across the wet tiles in Gloucester in about AD100, probably at the annoyance of the tile makers, but this did not stop the Romans from using the tile.”

The tile is now on display at the Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery.



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