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San Jose Cat Killer Gets the Maximum Sentence for Killing 21 Cats

Angel, Gogo, Rayden, Thumper, Jupiter, Traveler, Babe, Ichigo, Tiger, Orange Tabby Doe and “Does” 1 through 11. Santa Clara County Judge Sharon Chatman read the names of each one of 26-year-old Robert Farmer’s feline victims out loud in court as she handed a cat killer the maximum sentence possible.

Judge Chatman said that Farmer was “a danger to the community” and sentenced him to 16 years in jail for killing and torturing cats that he snatched from a San Jose neighborhood. He was also ordered to stay away from the Cambrian Park neighborhood where he took the cats and he is not allowed to own or care for any animal for 10 years.

During his trial, Deputy District Attorney Alexandra Ellis said:

“Robert Farmer is a danger to society. For two months, the Defendant terrorized a community, intentionally inflicted multiple acts of violence on vulnerable living creatures, killed multiple animals, battered a person, and caused extreme anguish to dozens of families whose beloved pets went missing, were found injured, or dead.”

According to court documents, cats first started disappearing around September 2015. Security camera footage captured Farmer luring and grabbing a 17-year-old cat named GoGo from a woman’s front porch. That cat was never found. Farmer was arrested the following month when police found him sleeping in a car. San Jose police found an unidentified orange tabby dead in the car, along with cat collars, fur, and numerous bloodstains.



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