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The Post Office Denied This Cat His Christmas Gift Because He Had No ID

A British cat named Ted was mailed a package for Christmas – and then instructed to show ID to claim it!




On December 5, Brittany Maher-Kirk said her mom sent an advent calendar addressed to Ted Maher-Kirk Lindsay (the cat!) but she wasn’t home when it was delivered. So, the post office left a notice that Ted needed to go pick up the package – and show his ID.

Since Ted is a cat, he doesn’t have a valid photo ID, and is thus unable to go to the post office to retrieve his calendar. Ted’s amused owner, Brittany Maher-Kirk, shared her dilemma on Facebook:

So my mum posted the cat an advent calendar. Unfortunately, we missed the delivery and the post office won’t give it me as the cat does not have ID. I’ve got to ring up the Post Office Head Office and explain that my mother has sent the cat an advent calendar, addressed to the cat, and he can’t pop in to pick it up himself or lend me his ID to do it for him…

Brittany Maher-Kirk told The Huffington Post, “They said they were under no obligation to give me the parcel, however, they suggested that [I] pop into the depo and explain.”

Fortunately, the folks at the post office were just as amused as Maher-Kirk, and Ted did finally receive his Christmas gift – an advent calendar, which was full of little treats.


Something to consider if you’re mailing out kitty Christmas gifts this year – put the cat’s humans name on the package, too!



  1. Della Williamson

    Dec 11, 2015 at 11:03 am

    Would papers from the vet showing that that is the name of the cat make a difference with the post office? However, I do think this is a bit on the silly side. But do understand the po’s situation. There is such a big problem with theft this time of year.

    • Christine Aspinall

      Dec 4, 2017 at 4:37 pm

      Maybe to continue in the humourous vein they could have got an inked ‘paw print’ from the kitty! LOL! – Glad he finally got his advent calendar and treats! 🙂 <3

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