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The Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

For every single person in this world, there’s sure to be a breed of cat that will match your unique taste and distinct lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a feline friend who is active or laid back, lean or fluffy, petite or massive – there are numerous cats you can choose from. If you look hard enough, even people who claim they don’t like cats at all can eventually meet the “one” that makes them change their mind.

Obviously, the most popular “breed” of cat is the mixed breed, the mutt, the moggy. The wonderful mixture of many different kinds of kitties to create that mish-mosh lovely little feline furball with a purrsonality all it’s own. However, purebred cats are bred not only for their specific appearance, but also for their personalities. That’s part of why the following cats are the most popular. If you have a purebred cat, did yours make the top 10?

10. Oriental Shorthair

Closely related to the Siamese cat, the Oriental has large pointed ears and a curious personality. Sleek and muscular, the Oriental is smart, social, and playful. Considered to be “dog-like”, this breed is vocal and demanding. Whether you prefer shorthair or longhair, this cat is loyal and affectionate, capable of bonding deeply with its owners.

9. American Shorthair

A descendant of the popular British Shorthair, this breed is said to be leaner, larger and more powerful. Athletic and healthy, the American Shorthair is easy-going and gentle. This breed has a long lifespan, and does not require lots of grooming. They are great with children and can even get along pretty well with other animals. To learn more about American Shorthair cats, click here.

8. Birman

Distinct for its large and sturdy build, as well as long and silky hair (which does not mat and is not as thick as the Persian’s), the Birman cat is known for its blue eyes, dark points, and snow white boots on all of its paws. Birmans are generally adored for their gentle, loving, and playful nature. If you want to learn more about owning a beautiful Birman, click here.

7. Sphynx

This hairless breed with large pointy ears is actually not completely without hair but has a fine, peach-like fuzz over its slender body. Warm and affectionate, the Sphynx is cuddly and would not have problem snuggling with you under the covers. Despite their energetic & outgoing nature, this breed should only be kept indoors. Those interested in learning more about Sphynx cats should click here.

6. Ragdoll

Gentle and affectionate, Ragdolls love to follow their owners from one room to another just like puppies. Allowing them to roam in the streets alone is a big no-no for they are not good at defending themselves. Ideal around children, Ragdolls have full, plush hair that requires regular grooming. Want to add a Ragdoll to your family? Click here to learn more about these lovely cats!

5. Siamese

Despite being quite demanding in wanting your attention, the Siamese cat is a very loving and extremely affectionate cat. This breed is rather sensitive, and is considered to be a creature of routine and habit. Homebodies will be a perfect fit for this kitty. Click this link to learn more about the Siamese cat.

4. Abyssinian

One of the oldest cat breeds, the Abyssinian bears a resemblance to the popular ancient Egyptian feline with its uniquely lithe build, slender legs, and large pointy ears. Willful, smart and outgoing, the Abyssinian is a fan of constant play and exploration. Click here to find out more information about the adorable Abyssinian.

3. Exotic Shorthair

The short-haired equivalent of the Persian cat, this breed is also recognizable for its squashed face, sweet temperament, and rounded ears. The Exotic Shorthair is very serene and laid back, but can be inquisitive and lively at times. Want to learn more about the Exotic Shorthair? Then click here.

2. Maine Coon

Native to Maine and considered to be the largest among all domestic cats, they’re known for their temperament, thick fur, large paws, and long tail. The Maine Coon is said to be an excellent mouser, too! Do you have a Maine Coon? Or do you want to learn more about the wonderful Maine Coon cat? Then click here.

1. Persian

Most popular for its long and silky fur, squashed face, and expressive eyes, the Persian is one of the oldest cat breeds adored for its calm and affectionate nature. If the most popular breed of cat is your favorite, then click here to learn more about the positively purr-fect Persian cat!
Did your favorite breed make the top 10 list?

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