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Tips for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home or Apartment

Many things can help make a house or apartment feel like home, but there’s nothing that compares to having a little fur-baby to keep you company and a warm and welcoming feel to any environment. Whether you live in a spacious house or are just looking to spruce up your apartment for a new pet, creating a space that is conducive to your kitty’s happiness is a crucial part of being a good cat owner. 

cat-friendly home

If you’re still in the process of finding the right feline friend to welcome to your household, it’s a good idea to consider what type of maintenance you are willing to commit to on a daily basis. If you prefer low pet maintenance, there are many benefits to adopting an adult pet. Adult cats are typically more calm and quiet, and they require less attention compared to a kitten which will need training. Kittens do come with the benefit of growing up with you and your family and allow you to create a bond that will be unshakeable for their whole lives. 

Regardless of whether you’re still looking for a pet or already have one, there are a few things you’ll want to have in place for the most paw-some living experience for you and your cat.  

Check out these tips for making your home a friendly space for your four-legged companion. 

Pet-friendly living 101 

We all want to feel happy and taken care of while at home, right? So why should the way we care for our pets be any different? Below are some tried-and-true steps for successful pet-friendly living.  

1. Leave them space for alone time  

Ever noticed how pets might shake their bodies after being squeezed or held for too long? That’s a way for them to release minor or major bodily trauma that can result from unwanted prolonged physical contact.  

While we all love a good cuddle sesh, cats can be very similar to humans in that they really appreciate their personal space. Giving them the room to just be in their own energy and have individual space is helpful for their wellbeing and it’s also a way for you to know that if they come to you, then they really want a little extra love and affection. 

2. Keep hazardous materials out of reach 

You wouldn’t let your little precious purr-son get hurt from accidentally touching something sharp or pointy, would you? Just like with children, you want to store away any potentially dangerous items. 

Keep sharp or dangerous objects tucked away in drawers or cabinets that your cat can’t open or reach. Also, make sure to store chemicals or harmful cleaning products well away from your cat so they don’t ingest anything toxic

3. Reduce your knick-knacks


If you’ve ever been around cats for very long, you’ll know that they tend to knock things over. Curious cats and kittens often have the desire to paw at anything, whether it’s a fragile vase or the remote control. Usually, they’re just playing, but playtime can turn dangerous if something breaks and shatters glass or other broken pieces on the ground where your cat will step. 

Additionally, keeping cat toys, kitty towers, and scratching posts around are a great way to prevent your cat from pawing or scratching at the wrong things and potentially getting hurt in the process. 

Cats help make any house or apartment truly feel like home. Treat them like family and make sure you make sure they have a safe and inviting space to live a happy life. For more ways to keep your home pet-friendly, The Zebra compiled loads of useful tips in the infographic below.

Tips for Pet-friendly Accommodations
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