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VIDEO: Lightning Strikes House with Cat and Owner Inside

Dawn Nichols Burr was using her phone to record an evening summer thunderstorm that she and her cat Max were watching through the sliding glass door when something incredible happened.

Watch the video she posted to Facebook:

She said, “A little shaken after being struck by lightning this evening. But no sympathy please, I’m fine! 👍Just want to share this WICKED COOL video!!”

Burr said she thinks her phone not being in a case, with the full metal back facing outside as she was recording, is what invited the lightning inside her home. She was also sitting next to a lamp with a metal touch-enabled base. Miraculously, other than a little dark spot on her foot, she is fine – and so is Max.

“He’s emerged from his faraday cage hiding spot no worse for the wear,” Burr told FOX 5.


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