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These 10 Amazing Catios Will Make You Wish You Were a Cat!

We can all agree that our pet cats are safest when kept strictly indoors, but wouldn’t you love to let your kitty enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors, while still being protected from predators? Cat patios – better known as catios – let us do just that!

Any outdoor enclosed space, whether it’s an existing porch or balcony, a specially built enclosure, a simple box, or an elaborate maze of rooms qualifies as a catio. As long as the catio is escape-proof and allows your cats to enjoy the outdoors – and keeps the dangers of the outside world, like predators, traffic, and other elements, from harming your kitty. Most catios we see are simple, fairly small, and definitely get the job done. Cats love them!

Sometimes, however, we come across some awe-inspiring, elaborate, amazing catios. Some of them include bridges and ramps, koi ponds and waterfalls, multiple levels, and all the toys a feline could dream of! Take a look at these 10 amazing catios – you’ll wish you were a cat!

Via Twitter: @Vandawall


Glenda Moore / Via


Dennis “Cathouse Man” Gallagher’s catio in Monroe, WA


via Catio Showcase


via Pinterest


via cuckoo 4 design


via: Cats Of Australia


via The Columbian

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