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ragamuffinAlthough very similar in appearance as well as in temperament, Ragamuffin and Ragdoll cats are two separate breeds. Believed to have been refined by crossing longhaired cats like Turkish Angoras, Birmans, and Persians, Ragamuffins are beautiful felines generally characterized by its large size, heavy bones, and thick, medium-length coat that’s available in a number of colors and patterns, whether it has or has no white in it, pointed or not, and whether the shade is simply solid, tortoiseshell, tabby and white, or mink. Fanciers just love the rare varieties that come inherently within this lovely breed.


Highly sociable, this Velcro cat loves to follow their human friends wherever they go and cheerfully greets visitors at the door. Ragamuffins are extremely sweet, gentle breed that craves for attention. They are endearing lap cats that would be perfectly contented spending a day with you. No wonder, this affectionate breed can get along pretty well with adults, children, and even to other household pets. They also make exceptional companions for those owners who live alone as Ragamuffins provide that much wanted friendship and support: listening to you and offering love as their unconditional response. In addition, Ragamuffins are very outgoing and playful by nature and they enjoy learning new tricks and taking part in various activities such as playing fetch.  They often make excellent travel companions and can be trained easily to walk on a leash. The breed’s tender and laid-back character makes them a true joy to be around.


The breed’s silky coat does not tangle or mat and is very easy to groom. In fact, combing their soft fur once or two times a week will already be enough to maintain its quality. In addition, this breed does not shed excessively unlike other cats. Nevertheless, nail trimming and ear cleaning have to done on a regular basis.

Health Concerns

Although generally healthy, Ragamuffins have been reported to be prone to several health issues. These include periodontal diseases, a heart problem called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and polycystic kidney disease.

Best Environment

Ragamuffins are well-suited for to any living environment with responsible people who will love and take care of them well. Keeping them indoors is necessary to protect them from the weather and the usual dangers found outside the safety of the home.

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