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devonUsually described as outlandish or pixie-like due to its large eyes and ears, this unique breed, known as the Devon Rex, has a rare way of capturing people’s attention into its aura.  This compact and muscular cat was first identified in UK during the mid-1950s just a decade after their cousin, the first Cornish Rex cat, was known. Devon Rex cats generally send out a roguish impression with its fox-like eyes, high cheek bones, full whisker pads, short muzzle, and over-sized, cup-deep pair of ears set on its slender neck and body. Nevertheless, it’s their very distinctive hair that gives this breed its matchless feature. Frequently named as the “poodle” of the feline world (both because of its personality and appearance), the Devon’s hair grows in smooth and glossy curls with rippling waves over its medium-sized, light weight body frame This glamorous breed has three known hair varieties: guard, awn, and down. While the guard type (which normally forms the outer coat) is short, wiry, sparse, and prone to breakage, the awn and down types are soft, dense, and close to the body. All known colors and patterns are acceptable in Devon Rex cats’ coat.


Sweet and affectionate, Devon Rex cats generally make warm companions at home. This very endearing breed loves to snuggle and would not mind cuddling up with you at night and then waking you up the next morning with their priceless kisses and purrs of affection. They are lap sitters, shoulder perchers, and tail waggers. This breed is very people-oriented; thus, known for their ability to form strong bonds with their human family. As a result, ownership of this breed has to be regarded as a lifetime commitment. In addition, Devons are highly intelligent and creative cats; making any object that can be moved or picked up become targets to their subtle mischief. Resourceful and spirited, Devon Rex cats can invent clever amusements on their own to be communicated with their household friends. They have a strong sense of inquisitiveness and would want to take part in whatever you are doing.


To avoid damaging the breed’s delicate coat, you have to be gentle when combing or brushing their curly, wavy hair. Also, because some Devon cats tend to develop a greasy feel on their skin, especially on their paws or in folds, bathing them every few weeks is highly recommended.

Health Concerns

Devon Rex cats are a normally healthy breed. However, they have been found to be at risk of developing a few health issues. These include patellar luxation, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and hereditary myopathy.

Best Environment

Devons are well-suited to any living environment with owners that will love them and provide them with lots of attention. Because this cat is not equipped well to thrive outdoors because of its short hair coat, they should always be kept indoors to avoid sunburn and other dangers lurking outside the home.



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