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Japanese Bobtail

Japanese BobtailConsidered to be an ancient breed, the Japanese Bobtail is widely believed to have descended from genetically mutated felines that were taken to Japan from China not less than a thousand years ago. Generally medium in size, this breed is slim and well-muscled with a soft, silky coat that may come in various colors and patterns. Japanese Bobtail cats have a delicate, triangular-shaped head, well-defined cheekbones, long nose, large and rounded ears, and slanted eyes. As its name implies, the most remarkable feature of Japanese Bobtails is their short, fluffy tail which is usually just about three to four inches long. It is generally flexible at the base and is often curled very closely on its rear end particularly when resting. When Japanese Bobtails walk, their tail tends to be held more erect, rather than kept tight and bent.

Highly personable and affectionate, the Japanese Bobtails are well-mannered cats that generally relish the company of people and other pets. They often require intimacy, attention and commitment from their owners in order to stay happy. In addition, because of the Japanese Bobtails’ attentive and loving nature, they normally make an ideal pet for households with many children and a wonderful companion, in general. This breed is bold, inquisitive and alert. They are smart and extremely adaptable cats that enjoy a lively and invigorating living atmosphere. They are highly energetic and very playful, particularly when it comes to jumping and prancing about.

Japanese Bobtail cats are easy to groom. As a matter of fact, brushing and combing their coat twice a week will be good enough to keep their fur healthy. You might need to take care of his soft and silky coat more during their shedding seasons.

Health Concerns
Japanese Bobtail cats are a generally healthy breed with no major health problems associated with them. They normally have an average life span of about 15 to 18 years.

Best Environment
Like any other mouser, the Japanese Bobtail is also well-suited to any household with owners who will love him and provide him with the right amount of time and attention. Just keep this adorable breed indoors so you can keep him away from the common outside perils like car accidents, communicable feline diseases, and attacks from other animals.

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