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Havana Brown

Havana BrownBelieved to have come from Chestnut Brown Foreign Shorthair cats, the first Havana Browns (as they are known to us today), had their beginnings when they were exported from England to the US during the mid-1950s. From that time on, the breed started to get side-tracked in type from its European equals, eventually becoming less exotic and rather less angular in appearance.

Havana Browns are medium-sized, muscular cats and are one of the many breeds generally categorized as foreign or oriental shorthairs. The Havana’s most defining trait is its gleaming rich mahogany coat which bears resemblance to that of a mink. The breed has a short, fine, and lustrous fur that is uniformly warm-chocolate to chestnut-brown in color. Their eyes are oval in shape and are markedly vivid green. The breed has a long, narrow head, rounded muzzle and a strong, squared chin. Their neck and legs are long and slender, and their paws are small and oval-shaped. Havana Browns often have an alert and curious expression because of their large ears which are rounded at the tip and appear to be pricking a little forward.

Havana Browns are generally adored for their gracefulness and big personality. They are highly intelligent and disciplined. The breed is known for their sociable and adaptable nature. Havanas are friendly and affectionate and often crave for human companionship. Sweet and lovable, the breed enjoys touching and nudging with its paws. They are not brash or too demanding of their owner’s attention. In terms of activity level, Havana Browns have been observed to be lively, playful and fun-loving. They are remarkably agile and acrobatic. In fact, Havanas are light on their feet they love to jump to high places like refrigerators and tall cabinets.

Havana Browns have a low-maintenance coat. It does not shed too much and only requires weekly brushing. The only other grooming they need is regular nail trimming and ear cleaning. Dental care is also a must for fresh breath and overall health.

Health Concerns
Havana Browns are generally a healthy cat. Nevertheless, they are also prone to a few health problems like blastomycosis and development of calcium oxalate stones in their urinary tract.

Best Environment
Like any other cat, the Havana Brown cat is generally well-suited to any living situation with owners who will love him and take care of him well. Just keep him indoors all the time so you can keep him from the dangers found outdoors like car accidents, serious communicable cat diseases as well as from the harmful attacks of other animals.

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