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Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest CatWhile some cat fanciers believe the Norwegian Forest Cat descended from Turkish Angora cats carried to some parts of Europe and then later mated with non-pedigreed Nordic shorthairs, other people seem to rely on the possibility that the breed started off in the Viking era. Whatever its exact origin, the Norwegian Forest cat has undoubtedly evolved in Scandinavia where they have been developed primarily as working pets on Nordic farms. No wonder, the breed is now prized for being a clever mouser and an exceptional hunter.

 Commonly referred to as the Norsk Skaukatt in its land of birth, the Norwegian Forest Cat (or Wedgie) is generally a big, strong and muscular kitty which slightly bears a resemblance to the Maine Coon breed. Norwegian Forest Cats have a triangle-shaped head, tufted ears, long, straight face, large, almond-shaped eyes, ruffed neck, and a long, bushy tail. Their double-coat is long and dense with a coarse outer layer that covers a thick, wooly undercoat.

Smart and playful, Norwegian Forest Cats are very inquisitive mousers that seem to have immense affection for the outdoors. They are friendly and are known to crave companionship. They love the company of people and other animals. As a matter of fact, Norwegian Forest Cats like to cuddle and be close to their human friends. This breed is sweet and warm, but not too demanding or pushy. Patient and stable, the Norwegian Forest Cat is generally loved for its easy-going personality, adaptability and even temperament.

The long, dense, water-resistant double coat of Norwegian Forest cats are prone to tangling if neglected. Brushing and combing their fur at least once a week is necessary to keep it mat-free. However, you might have to brush this cat’s hair more often during its shedding season. The other grooming needs essential to the Wedgie’s overall health are regular nail trimming, ear cleaning, and dental care.

Health Concerns
Norwegian Forest Cats are a hardy breed. However, there are several health problems that they are most at risk of. These include hip dysplasia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and glycogen storage disease type IV.

Best Environment
Norwegian Forest cats normally thrive well in almost any living environment. However, to make sure that your adorable cat lives a happy and healthy life, you have to safeguard your pet from the usual perils found outside your home. These include car accidents, diseases spread by cats, and possible attacks from other animals.



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