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American Shorthair

ASHWell-known for its robust health, long life, pleasant look and gentle disposition, the American Shorthair cat is said to be a true and rightful native American breed with its origin traced back in the 1600s. Its short, dense coat comes in various colors, but the most stunning of all 60 shades available is the sterling silver coat with striking black markings. The breed tends to range in size, normally, from medium to large and have a pair of intense round eyes. Unlike their counterpart, the British Shorthair, the American Shorthair breed appears to be larger but less square in shape. They also possess a more oblong head, longer legs, and larger ears. Being burly and strong, this cat is a working class in every regard, showing both stability and endurance.


American Shorthair cats managed to make a good name for itself with its calm, sweet voice and adaptable nature. Unlike many other breeds, the American Shorthairs never blubber for attention and are neither too aloof nor too expressive. Their kind is said to be ideal for people who prefer a cat that sits quietly on the lap, and not jump or ramble too much all over the house. They are highly devoted to the family, capable of getting along well with children and other pets at home, and can even be trained easily. American Shorthairs make skilled hunters, are intelligent, enjoy their freedom and tend to dislike being picked up.


American Shorthairs do not need extensive maintenance. Occasional grooming could be an option but not a must. As a matter of fact, they just require random brushing in order to keep their coat fresh and neat, at the same time manage mild hair shedding.

Health Concerns

Descending from working line, American Shorthair breed is undeniably one of the healthiest cats. Nevertheless, it’s still important to take note that despite their being a hearty kind, they are still at risk of developing heart problems like the hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. With proper care, American Shorthairs can enjoy long life, basically surviving an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

Best Environment

American Shorthairs are unquestionably good-looking cats that often attract buyers from different locations all over the globe. However, the breed should never be taken into homes unsystematically. They require almost constant attention from the family and a close care at home. It’s important for owners to bear in mind that this cat should never be left alone for too long as they can become unhappy and quite destructive.

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